Pass the ASVAB NOW is the Only ASVAB Study/Prep Learning System on the Market Today that Honestly Teaches Everyone the Correct ASVAB Information and will Significantly Improve their Word Knowledge, advanced Math problem solving and Reading Comprehension Skill Levels, all Needed to Both Pass and Score a High AFQT on the ASVAB Test. 
Military Troop Level Downsizing is Here and more in the future. There will be No Waivers given for low test scores, so the need for a 50 or above AFQT and Higher Standard Line Scores is a must!  

Thank you for your interest in Our One-of-Kind Product and Service. Most of you received our information from your Recruiter. They know which products work and has trusted Pass the ASVAB NOW for their Applicants. Our Company was Founded in 2010 by a Retired Navy Career Recruiting Force Recruiter with over 17 Years in Production and Management Recruiting. During those 17 Years in Military Recruiting, having the Frustration of turning away each month, dozens of Good Men and Women away from the opportunity of Enlisting into the Military, simply because they could not score a 35 or better AFQT Score.

There was no place or no ASVAB Study Guide on the Library shelf or Book Store counter that seemed to help raise the AFQT scores. Just big expensive Text Books loaded with outdated information and plenty of practice tests. These desperate Applicants needed Skills and real Knowledge, not practice tests.

This lack of help is what drove this Navy Recruiter to seek out Degreed Educators and Professionals in the fields of Mathematics, Reading and Verbal Development, Science, Electronics, Mechanical Comprehension and Auto/Shop. From that Collaboration was born an ASVAB Learning System that Truly Works and is Offered at an Affordable Price and a Guaranty of passing or your Money back.

Pass the ASVAB NOW is Specifically Designed to Help the Applicant who is considered a Category 3, 4 or Lower, who is desperately seeking help Passing and Scoring Above a 50 AFQT Score.